8 specific
why we are your best choice.
1 1. We advice
Advertising is not about advising solutions convenient for the agency. What really matters are the results of actions. And that is what our priority is.
2 2. We are
We learn from our mistakes. You can be sure that we will provide you proven and effective solutions.
3 3. We always
finish on time
We know your deadline is important. If we say that a project will be ready by a particular day, it will be ready.
4 4. We treat
every client as an invidual
We approach every order with appropriate attention and always try to do our best. That's just who we are - we can't change that.
5 5. We price
our work reasonably
As professionals we know value of our work. Our prices aren't concocted at random and we'll always offer the best solution between quality and price.
6 6. We do
everything you need
We know everything about web-based marketing and do everything it should involve. Moreover - we have the ability to do it right.
7 7. We guarantee
you'll always be
up to date
We use modern tools that facilitate online cooperation. This allows clients an insight into the progress of their work. They see actual results and have a piece of mind.
8 8. We think
Experience has taught us that well-planed and long term solutions always bring the best results. Maybe that's why so many of our clients return to us year after year.
We are in media all over the world.
And you? You can even be on
the Moon!
We provide visual identity which is full of harmony, we create the reality by words, make photographs which bring out the soul from the product… We just make things which are not only useful, but also extraordinary and memorable.
WWW services
We combine creation with technology, look critically, choose best practices and implement innovative concepts. We have a particular sweet spot for websites made ​​according to Responsive Web Design rules, because we think the future belongs to them.
Online promotion
We develop effective strategies, use modern tools and are not afraid of using innovative solutions. We find a way where others would have already given up. This is how our way to the stars looks.
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POLAND: Torun Technology Park, 87-100 Torun, Wloclawska 167, room no. 260 - 258

INDIA: EAdi- 24/6, Triveni Bldg. J.B. Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059, Maharashtra
POLAND: +48 669 587 585
INDIA: +91 989 020 98 91
POLAND: biuro@8k.com.pl
INDIA: eadi@8k.com.pl
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