Case Study

We help promote one of the most original offers in Poland.


zakres usług
Full implementation of webiste (Responsive Web Design), logo design


This time our Client was a company offering very original service- be a celeb for a day.

logo for Celebryta 24


The most important goal was to make an aesthetic website, which can clearly present a very unique offer.

Target group

Target group- wealthy people with extravagant needs. Very demanding people.

business cards for CEO


Strategy was very simple- to see how looks like an gossip & showbiz portals and do something similar, but better.


First thing, that we made was a logo- strong, modern flat design. Second thing- layout of the website, and straight-to-the-point copy.

old school is always cool


We did, what we can did with this budget.

Celebryta 24 website on different size screens


We are very happy, that we had a possibility to do something funny. Another bonus was, that media media picked up on this idea, providing by the way some very nice publicity (over 90 k. of visitors on the Client website during 2 days).
Agency 8k was the best, with which I worked during the past few years.
Tomasz Ziemba
CEO One Click Ltd group
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