Case Study

How to refresh the image and show ordinary things in an extraordinary light


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Logo facelift, diesign of catalogues and promotional materials, company interiors arrangement, products photoshoot


DTM System company designs and produces various electronic devices. It runs on the market for 20 years and is a good example that polish technical thought can compete with the western, even with success.

new DTM logo after the lifting


The main goal was to refresh the image of DTM System, so it would be seen as a modern and innovative company. We also had to make a photoshoot of company's products - of course the photos had to extract as much positive features as possible from the products. So it was very interesting, but also pretty difficult in the same time.

some minimalistic icons we created, which were used in various materials for dtm

Target group

DTM System offer is directed mainly to business client and more precisely, to the various equipment manufacturers and representatives of the construction and automotive industries. But individual clients are also a very significant group, which cannot be ignored by the company's accountants. Of course, only if they wanted the budget to be signed and sealed.

here are the leaflets which purpose is to attract potential customers and seed in their minds an urge to buy products made by DTM


When designing visual identification, the case is that it should be aesthetic, modern and a proper visual communicate connected with the company's character should be sent to the recipients. Only so much and so many.

another part of marketing materials: this time - folders


First of all, we took care of the logo and re-freshened it a bit. Next, there was time for taking some photos of products - it costed us few days of creative work, but the effect was worth the commitment. Having a ready logo and product photos, we started designing folders, leaflets and other marketing materials. In the end, the happy client asked us for helping him in designing his company's new headquarters interiors. Of course, we couldn't refuse.

some photos from the products' photoshoot


In result of our actions, DTM System gained modern visual identification, which differs them (in a positive way) from the competitors. We also managed to present the products in a interesting way. They came a way from seemingly not very attractive things to little pieces of art. This all has its finale in catalogues and promotional materials, which present the company's offer splendidly, creating its proper image in eyes of the clients.

takes of products in 'autumn-ish' scenery


The best summary of our cooperation is the fact that we are fully servicing DTM company with all marketing actions until this day. And here is an opinion from a satisfied client:
8k agency carries its work out in a professional manner. Just from the beginning of our cooperation, the gentlemens from the agency showed not only expertise and knowledge of the industry, but also a sense of humor and understanding of customers' needs, which is not that common nowadays. Overall rating of cooperation:
5 out of 5"
Daniel Kujawski
The Owner of DTM System
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