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How to build an international level image


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Complex visual identification and website creation in Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology


East Consult company deals with business consulting and associating business partners from Poland and Germany. It's a very difficult and demanding industry, in which a professional image is a key to success.

East Consult logo in different versions - a motive of three rings was used, symbolising successful business contacts


The main goal was of course to create a proper image of East Consult company not only in the web, but also beyond it. The company has to be taken serious, like an organisation which can guarantee their costumers the highest level of service, so indispensable when talking about an international business transactions.

Target group

All actions were taken with the aim of the B2B market. The recipients would be mainly entrepreneurs and high-level managers, planning expansion on new markets and searching for new business partners.

business cards and other stationery, which job was to build the company's image in clients' eyes


In this case, the chosen strategy was quite simple - best thing that works out in business is classic elegance fused with modernity. Adding also some persuasive copywriting which goal is to properly present advantages of choosing this specified company.


We started from creating the logo, which is kept in a very classical design style. The chosen colour palette should symbolise polish national colours which is a proper association according in the context of company's business profile. The next step was to create a full office stationery design - business cards, letter layout, projects of promotional gifts, etc. The final task was of course to create a complex website in Responsive Web Design technology - which will make the page automatically adjust the site layout to the screen size.

the concept of dividing the layout to three columns


We managed to create an image of East Consult as a professional company. Therefore, we did it on different levels:

- first level: an coherent image which connects simplicity and elegance
- second level: website, which sends the message 'we are a modern company'
- third level: copywriting, which not only properly describes, but also persuades to take a specified action

a view of the homepage in three versions, designated for different devices - in other words, this is how RWD looks


The best summary are the words from a satisfied client:
'8k agency rose to the challenge. Thanks to the new image, my company gained and impulse to develop and gained a lot new customers. I recommend cooperation with gentlemen from 8k - they are true professionals and there it's no exaggeration in that sentence'
Marian Szambelańczyk
The Owner of East Consult
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