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We design website, take photos and arrange symbols from granules


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Branding, website project, photoshoot


Ekomer Company is one of leaders in the recycling industry in Kujawsko-Pomeranian region of Poland. Our client has been honoured with many prestigious awards (such as Business Gazelles and Forbes Diamonds) and quality certificates (eg. Moody International).

Ekomer logo facelift


A company competing over the leader of the industry title just can't look like just every ordinary one. That's why we had to do everything we could, so visitors on Ekomer's website would know in the first second that they stumbled upon the proper business partner, which is worth the cooperation.

Target group

Ekomer company addresses its offer to manufacturers of all kinds of PVC products, recycling companies and companies interested in receiving and milling plastic waste.

customers like to know who they are dealing with - so here are some pics of important people in the company


For Ekomer we had to fight in two battles. The first was the battle for the new look. The second was a clash to show a coherent offer in the best way. After all, a customer with several different profiles of activity is a challenge for any copywriter who has to skilfully highlight the key issues and glue them them into a single, coherent form.

one of the elements of the strategy was to show openness for the client - that's why we did a personalised 'Contact' page


How was the implementation? We started with the logo facelift, which thus gained a more modern look. Then we developed a new colour palette and due to a combination of technology, ecology, we chose green and blue. Next, our designers put together a modern website layout and tested the key elements of the arrangement. In the end, we conducted a photoshoot of arranged products and transformed the company's employees into real photo-models (you can see them in the pictures above).

one of the granules photos - as an element bringing them together we have a recycling symbol which is made of those granules


The result is a complete renovation of the brand and a new website which really well shows the position of the company and is a very clear signal for business partners, saying that Ekomer is a modern organisation, caring about it's image. We managed to systematize the wide range of company's offer and add a necessary pinch of good copywriting.

a view showing Ekomer website on different size screens


It was not easy - photo sessions, "difficult" industry to do an interesting presentation, high expectations... But we made it and now we can proudly say 'we managed!' . And don't think it's just some empty words, because our opinion is confirmed by our happy client:
'8k agency did their job in 100%'
Sławomir Borowski
The Director of recycling department
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