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Cloud computing, data center and latest design trends


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Creating a complete website in Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology.


Exea brand is Poland's first data center designed specifically for cloud computing services. This obliges, because the company with such potential aims really high.


Exea is a company with great potential. Our main goal was to create a site, that will proudly represent the brand.

logo Exea in two versions

Target group

The target group mainly consisted companies from high-tech/IT industries and administrative units of state and local governments. Carried research showed that the image of the company has very high importance for this client group - especially in the private sector.


We assumed, that website will be designed in accordance with the latest trends. What does it mean? First of all, Responsive Web Design, modern layout, photo shoot made ​​to order and well designed usability.

some pics that showing VIPs in Exea


Such a large project required a multi-step operation. First of all, we had to develop a shared vision with the client and define the functionalities, that should be found on website. After that we created preliminary version of the page- in accordance with the principles of UX. Another important steps was a selection of appropriate images that "fit" to the branch. Design has been tested for usability, which is well polished- no user will feel lost! Yeat only few things, and we completed implementation.


The result of our work can be admired here:

view on the main page


Thanks to our efforts, customer can be proud of his website, which ranks among the best Polish data center services. And we have another interesting realization in our portfolio.
The new website fully met our expectations. It is an aesthetic, easy tu use and really liked by visitors. Just what we expected.
Wojciech Daniel
The Vice Chairman of TARR
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