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Promotional Rubik\'s cube - what brings a data center and a cloud together


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Complex branding, website project, communication strategy, marketing materials


Exea brand is Poland's first data center designed specifically for cloud computing services. This obliges, because the company with such potential aims really high.

the first element of the corporate identity - the logo in two versions


The primary objective was to create a strong brand that could successfully compete for customers in a dynamic and extremely demanding IT sector. There was no room for beautiful words - only concretes mattered here.

Target group

The target group mainly consisted companies from high-tech/IT industries and administrative units of state and local governments. Carried research showed that the image of the company has very high importance for this client group - especially in the private sector.

elegant high-quality business cards and letterhead, on which one can note not only the important things


The main goal of the strategy was to divide the message into two directions. First one was an educational direction, which had to inform potential customers about the benefits of cloud computing in general. The second direction had the image-sales character. Of course, both types of media needed to interact with each other and an elaborate communication plan was made for ensure that.

view on the service subpage in two versions - classic and on a tablet


This time we had to create the whole brand - and the base of it is of course the name. This is where we had started - EXEA sounds nice, associates properly, it's easy to remember or write and it has the so called 'expansion potential'. So it completes all conditions of a good brand name. After the name, there was time to take care of the logo and a full complement of high-quality promotional materials (including a conference set). The last - but very important - element was to develop a communication strategy and adapt the project to it and also the text aspect of the website.


Thanks to our efforts and many sleepless nights, we created a modern brand, which has a great chance to become one of the leaders in cloud computing services in Poland. Moreover, reception of EXEA brand was very positive, as evidenced by the opinions from potential customers obtained through surveys.

part of a set we designed for a conference on cloud computing


It was one of our biggest contracts for which we feel a special fondness. And we apparently did quite well, because the President himself praised our work and EXEA is still our good customer.
'8k agency perfectly executed the visual identity for the brand EXEA. We have gained the right image in the eyes of our current and potential customers. We are positively surprised by the results of the work and the level of professionalism presented by agency staff, so we can recommend this agency to everybody for who best effects are the most important thing'
Wojciech Daniel
The Vice Chairman of TARR
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