Case Study

Pay What You Want- we are changing the rules


zakres usług
Creative concept, RWD landing page, logo design


This time we were the customers.

the evolution of logo PWYW


If we talking about goals- there were a few:
1. We was very curious as to how customers value our work, without beating around the bush and without the pressure from a pre-determined price list.
2. When we have the opportunity to do something first, we do it.
3. Attract the new customers, of course…

RWD is something, that we really like

Target group

Very simply, we can say, that was a whole Internet.


This was to be a real Blitzkrieg. And it was! Winning this battle took us less than a month.

here is a few awesome pictures from our landing page


How we made the plan?
- we wrote down most important assumptions
- we created action plan
- we built a mailing list
- we created logo and creative concept
- we sent e-mails and waited for a response…

international design awards- owned!


The effects exceed our expectations- over 50 publications in the media all over the world (including Adweek), hundreds of tweets, shares etc. What more? Tens of emails and few proposals of cooperation. And most important thing- over 100 new clients in just two months. Damn, that was good!

yes, they wrote about us


What were the costs of the action?
- some worked Saturdays
- a little stress
- one broken keyboard
Is it worth it? Definitely YES
This action really kicked our agency up! International fame, over 100 clients from all over the world… What else we could want…?
Marek Bartosiński
Captain On The Board 8k Team
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