Case Study

We create and promote first business accelerator in Toruń.


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CI, Responsive Web Design landing page, communication in social media


Smart Space is a brand of modern business accelerator in Toruń. This project will support development of innovative entrepreneurship in the region.

Smart Space logo


1. Create an interesting brand.
2. Attract people's attention.
3. Convince the target group that Smart Space is a best place for innovative projects.
4. Bring a smile to Project Manager's face.

Target group

The target group, are young, dynamic entrepreneurs from the province Kujawsko-Pomorskie. Start-up creators and all kind of freelancers are also welcomed. As experience shows, they are usually demanding people but they also can appreciate the professionalism.

view from Facebook profile


The strategy was simple- informal communication, which has to convince people that Smart Space is a place free from red tape.

promotional folders view


The first task was to create CI. After that we had to design a landing page. The final step was social media promotion.

folder cover desing


We created an interesting brand, which perfectly fits the character of business accelerator. The website created by us has been very well received, and, what is most important, all stats goes up.

a few versions of the logo


It wasn't easy, but it worked. Smart Space brand recognition continues to grow, and we are pleased that is also perceived very positively.
We received a very nice CI, and thanks to promotion in social media people are interested in our initiative.
Łukasz Ozimek
Project Manager in Smart Space
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