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We implement RWD technology in first such large website in Poland


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Creating a complete website in Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology, refreshing the image, developing a communication strategy, designing and developing online booking system and an innovative event calendar.


Torun Technology Park was made primarily for companies operating in the ICT sector. The main motive for his creation was to provide entrepreneurs an optimal location to conduct and develop innovative business related to new technologies. For this purpose, there was built not only adequate infrastructure (including a modern data center), but also a whole network of business support institutions.


Since its establishing, Torun Technology Park is strongly associated with the ICT industry. One of the essential elements of the promotional strategy was to have a modern website that would reflect the potential of TPT and have a positive impact on its image among potential investors. An important point was therefore to stand out from the strong competition of other regional parks.

TPT page - version for smartphones

Target group

The target group includes mainly all sorts of investors associated with tech industry who are looking for a suitable location for development and conducting innovative business. Carried research showed that such people usually have a good knowledge of the issues related to design and functionality of websites and are quite critical in their assessments. This raised the bar even higher.

logo of Torun Technology Park


The main task we faced with our new service, was to demonstrate that TPT is an modern institution, worthy of interest. And it wasn't only about potential investors or companies from ICT sector. It was really important to show the citizens of Torun that there are really interesting projects showing up in their city. Achieving this included:

- exposition of the most important advantages of the Park
- taking care that it's easy to get to the news
- allowing users to book the rooms online
- creating a design which could increase the image of TPT
- taking care of proper usability
- persuade the visitors to take action on the site

how to inform client on an ongoing basis - the news in the lead role


The project combined the two currently dominant trends in webdesign: minimalism and Responsive Web Design (RWD). But what exactly did we do?

- we refreshed elements that need refreshing
- we created the whole layout and text created on the base of sharp marketing research
- we designed a specific CMS panel, which allows the admin to quickly and easily enter content on page
- we developed very useful functionalities (online room booking system and an innovative calendar of events)
- we have chosen appropriate photos and did a 3D visualization of the building
- we have made three versions of the distribution of elements on the page, according to the requirements of RWD
- we have worked hard on usability matters
- in the end, we took a look on the effect with a critical eye and have adjusted what needed adjusting

there's something for everyone - TPT website in three different versions


The result of our work was the creation of probably the first such large RWD technology based website in Poland. Thanks to this, TPT's page is not only visually appealing, but also easy to browse on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The brand itself also gained a new image and communication strategy and now it's ready for expansion. Competitors can only envy.

the service's main page


It was a really big project and during its implementation we had to change many of the our concepts and assumptions. It was not easy, but we made it and now we can proudly say that TPT has one of the best sites of technology parks in Poland. And it really can be a source of pride - not only for us, but especially for our clients.
'Torun Technology Park's website developed by 8k is polished in every detail and has been very well received both by us and by people visiting it. Thus, this park not only gained some points in image aspects but also positively distinguished its offer from other technology parks in Poland. We wish everyone such professional contractor, like 8k agency'
Tomasz Urbanowicz
The Managing Director of Toruński Park Technologiczny
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