Case Study

Keep it simple stupid - how to create a user-friendly service


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Compex developing of usability of the service and conducting the tests


Draftcat is an innovative startup whose extraordinary - but modest at the same time - creators are planning to conquer the creative industry all over the world. And our job is to help them. (Yeah, we know we are again repeating this, but our copywriter had to go to lunch rather than think about anything new)


The most important task was to carry out an ultimatum posed by the DraftCat Project Manager: 'Make a service so easy to use, that my 10-year-old nephew will have no problem using it'. Obviously, mission impossible, but...

...all major functions in one place, so it can be done right.

Target group

Our target became people from broadly defined creative industry - graphic designers, owners or managers of creative agencies and print houses, copywriters, etc. Simply saying - people whose life is filled with blood, toil, tears and sweat, but also joy and satisfaction from making something new. (This repetition is a result of the copywriter's visit in the cafeteria)

business cards, which are not given only to VIPs


We made testing, testing and even more testing a primary point of our strategy. We simply had to test the demo version of the service on as many people as possible and draw conclusions from their suggestions.

main user panel with projects' thumbnails


Firstly, we registered new user accounts in competing sites and checked out their strengths and weaknesses. Then we gathered in one place all the knowledge about usability we are possessing. Then we started to create the demo version, which we have given meticulous testing. When the demo version became worth of showing to the world, we invited friends and experts from the industry and asked them to have a look on our work. Then we carefully analysed at the suggestions, made ​​some improvements and checked their legitimacy in practice.

we made sure that the application could be conveniently controlled also by using a tablet


The result of our work is an app that boasts a really high level of usability. We've simplified whatever could be simplified and adapted the interface to the familiar patterns of the most popular graphic editing software. As a result, most users will immediately feel 'like home' among well-known solutions. We also advised application developers about some interesting features that really make the difference (positive!) compared to the competitors.

client adding panel and login page


Despite the apparent impracticability of the task posed for us, we managed to meet the expectations of DraftCat Project Manager. His nephew haven't in fact personally tested the service yet, but 'in absentia' tests showed a high probability that he would handle it.
'Guys from 8k did a lot of good work - checking the service functionalities took me only few minutes, which for this type of project can be considered as a great result.'
Daniel Wysocki
The Project Manager of DraftCat
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