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Branding oraz creating a complete website.


TVS is a family company dedicated to sales, service and support for different types of vending machines. The company has been in business for many years and gradually builts its reputation by ensuring the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

TVS logo in two colors


We were given the task of creating and executing the TVS brand and making an inexpensive, but aesthetic and clear website. The company gained the image of a company which is friendly and caring for their clients, but also modern and priming of new technologies.

Target group

The target group of TVS are all those who want to profit from the vending machines.

advertising materials, which job is to make a good impression on the contractors


The plan in this case was simple: create a recognizable brand and an aesthetic, useful website. Importantly, the fact of having a limited budget could not reflect too much on quality.


In the beginning, there was the logo, which is a variation of the name (TVS - Tomczyk Vending System). Then we did projects of promotional materials (business cards, letterhead, etc.). In the end, it was time for what "tigers like the most' - the website.

TVS main page view


Before we started our work, TVS was a little-known family business. Today, it's a recognized brand in the local market and we are proud to say that our work has also greatly helped this. We are very pleased that customers of TVS who enter company website, can be convinced that a family company doesn't always need to be called "Mir-Bud" and look like something transferred from the 90's.

here's a website in two dimensions - displayed on two different types of devices


Despite the small budget, we managed to create quite an interesting look that stands out positively against local competition. Importantly, the client claims the same, as illustrated by the following expression:
"Very cool agency - they really got involved in the project and were always willing to help, despite the fact that we do not have a large marketing budget. We recommend to anyone looking for a contractor which is professional, but also friendly in contact
Łukasz Tomczyk
The Owner of TVS
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